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You have reached "Emotionally Evocative," a fanlisting and "shrine" for my favorite actor of all time, Mr. Adrien Brody. He's probably best known for his work in The Pianist, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and the films of Wes Anderson. Emotionally Evocative is listed by The Fanlistings under both the Actors and Directors/Producers categories.

It is also a part of the shrine directory at Amassment (under Miscellaneous > Actors).

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Last updated: 25th August 2020
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Site Updates:

August 06, 2020: Added a ridiculous amount of screen captures from the movie Giallo. They're in the screen captures: movies: 2000s section of the gallery.

August 05: Three codes (one each: 50x50, 75x50, 100x50), and three icons added using images from the Zeiss shoot.

July 27: Completely overhauled the My Collection section. New photos, and a bit about each title.

July 26: Added 312 screen captures from this 8-minute video (in the Gallery section), ha ha. I included some frame-by-frame moments, for the gif makers. There will definitely be some new "link back" buttons soon with these images (probably from the actual photos, not my captures). I'll let you know when those are up, of course.

July 4: Changed the header image slightly (again!), added new codes to the 50x50, 75x50, and 100x50 pages. And some new icons.

June 28: Finished up the final two Peaky Blinders episodes. I also added caps from the movie The Boy Who Cried Bitch (from 1991).

June 27: I've been going wild in the gallery (media section). It's organized into more categories now, and I added a bunch of new stuff. Including three short films: The Mascot, The Library Book, and Boredom. Those debuted five years ago today.

I also added a ridiculous amount of caps from Adrien's first four appearances on Peaky Blinders as Luca Changretta (the remaining two are in progress). Luca is a popular character for gifs, to I thought I'd help out with some frame by frame caps of his classic scenes.

"A Little More"
I am part of a wonderful online community called Amassment, for people who create a specific type of fansite known as a "shrine." When I first discovered their message boards, they were encouraging fanlisting owners to add "a little more" content to their fanlistings. It really spoke to me. As I read more about shrining, I felt like I was among "my people." * Sadly, it seems the Amassment community has become inactive. I hope it comes back.

So, I decided to build up the content around here and become an Adrien Brody tribute site. It's a work in progress, but I suppose all websites are, really. That's the fun - they're living and changing. If I can fan out at length about anything, Heaven knows it's Adrien, so there will eventually be a lot to read. ;)

Thanks for being here!

By the way, I also run..., a blog where I review each of his films.