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You have reached "Emotionally Evocative," a tribute and fanlisting for my favorite actor of all time, Mr. Adrien Brody. Emotionally Evocative is listed by The Fanlistings under both the Actors and Directors/Producers categories and on Celebrity Fanlistings under Actors.

It is also a part of the shrine directory at Amassment (under Miscellaneous > Actors).

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Last updated: 17th May 2020
Member count: 16, from 8 countries
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Newest members: Carla

"A Little More"
I am part of a wonderful online community called Amassment, for people who create a specific type of fansite known as a "shrine." When I first discovered their message boards, they were encouraging fanlisting owners to add "a little more" content to their fanlistings. It really spoke to me. As I read more about shrining, I felt like I was among "my people."

So, I decided to build up the content around here and become an Adrien Brody tribute site. It's a work in progress, but I suppose all websites are, really. That's the fun - they're living and changing. If I can fan out at length about anything, Heaven knows it's Adrien, so there will eventually be a lot to read. ;)

Thanks for being here!

By the way, I also run...